Jurian Edge

Ironwrought Fighter using sword and board


Will add crunch later.


Born and raised in a small self sufficient village near monster infested lands. Knowing the dangers of the region, the village’s matriarch declared that all villagers must be trained in the arts of combat and ready to fight at a moments warning. Jurian excelled in his training, earning the name “edge” for his skill with a blade. Though the village could not be said to have prospered, it certainly survived in the wilds. The villagers worked as a team to hold off whatever monsters challenged them and overtime came to an uneasy truce with most of them – except the demons (tieflings). Every new moon a group of demon raiders would attack the village and steal supplies. No matter how well they were driven back, they would return. Eventually the matriarch decided the fight must be taken to them, and sent her strongest fighters out to eliminate the problem once and for all. Jurian took this particularly to heart, continuing to hunt demons even after the immediate threat was removed.

Coming from a human society completely isolated from other intelligent/friendly races Jurian developed a very skewed image of the world. He believes that Humans were created in the image of the gods and as such are the ultimate race. All others are little more than beasts, destined to blend into humanity or live as their slaves.

Needless to say Jurian’s view of the world was shaken by “the catastrophe”. Finding himself no longer be strictly human introduced an uncomfortable shade of gray to the world. It forced him to question what it means to be human. He’s still racist, but at least now he will think before drawing his blade. (well, except for demons/tieflings… they are still monsters)

Jurian Edge

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