Cresselia Arglave

Ice witch


Also answers to Selia or Selie, but not to Cress/Cressie.

Age 4/looks 23 Deva Wizard (arcanist). Chalk-white skin with patterns in a medium grey, and slightly darker grey hair. Unnaturally still when at rest, never fidgets and rarely blinks. She typically dresses in light to medium blues, and carries a (usually) clear crystal orb.

Mostly ice/cold based spells, with a personality to match. Good-intentioned, but cold and expedient. Vaguely polite when roused to actual conversation, but she doesn’t appear to have any emotions. Her voice isn’t exactly toneless, but it’s always exactly the same volume and tempo.

She is a minor seer of sorts, and susceptible to visions from time to time. Sometimes these are vague rumors of far off, even off plane, minor events. Rarely they are both useful and timely to her current quest. She will recount these to any who are interested… or just in the vicinity when she comes out of one.

Casual aquaintances often assume she’s a worshipper of the Raven Queen to some degree, but you’ve known her long enough to realize she’s pretty much agnostic. She certainly recognizes the existence and power of the gods (who wouldn’t?), and in fact appears to know more about both gods and their mortal religions than most people you’ve met, but you’ve never known her to venerate or placate one – unless necessary as part of the means of solving some crazy dungeon puzzle.

She’s been known to have visions, usually during her sleep. She tends to share the contents with whoever’s immediately around when she wakes. See Cresselia’s Visions.

Cresselia Arglave

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