Harthen was once dominated by tieflings of the Kal-cu-mesh empire, prior to the dragonborn/tiefling war. After the end of the war, the tieflings destroyed their cities and took up the nomadic lifestyle. Ashurta was chosen to guard the remains of Gal Tarenboth.

Gal Tarenboth was the capital and greatest city of the Kal-cu-mesh empire.

Galeth Agrenthal was the last tiefling emperor, and was under domination by Tragar Mendor for an unknown (but apparently not short) period of time. When he was able to briefly break free of the domination he threw himself off the castle walls, an act which drew attention to Tragar’s deceit.

Tragar Mendor personally took the field to fend off the dragonborn armies. Orehana confronted him ‘just outside’ Gal Tarenboth, an act which resulted in Tragar’s banishment to the void and Orehana’s death.

The tiefling/dragonborn war was 100’s of years long in total. The tieflings conquered every continent except Gandorval.

After the war, the Council debated breaking the tablet that held the dragonflight binding, but ultimately chose not to.

  • to keep the four generals bound
  • because they weren’t certain it could be done safely


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