The continent where all of the adventure thus far has occurred. It has a handful of significant settlements:

  • Belliksburg – a city-state on the west coast, just south of the mountains
  • Elduin – a town on the west coast, just north of the mountains
  • Arkenwold – a city on the north-central(ish) side of the continent
  • Bentlenor – a duchy on the northeast edge of the continent
  • Deltaren Gate – a city at the passway between the giant southern wall
  • Shacrenzal – the haven of dragonborn on Harthen, in the southern (Dragon Born) mountains
  • Solecthorn Empire – a small country with ambitions, in the south

The central desert is home to nomadic tribes of tieflings

  • Razorite – warriors; said to be descendants of the last Razonwing
  • Pawlen – wizards


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