Concerning Races

The world as you know it is Human centric, whose cities and towns predominantly dot the coast line, but they’re a hardy and prolific enough folk to try and settle wherever circumstances cause them to be. Halflings and Gnomes can often be found amongst their cities as well, tending to feel like they fit in “well enough” as they try to make their way. Other races will also be found within the human cities often for the purposes of trade or seeking things/knowledge…or getting away from wherever they once were.

The various “other” races of the world tent to segregate out to their own places.

- The Elves live in the woodland section known as the Arbin Wode (most of the rest of the Fae with them).

- The Dwarves live under the mountains predominately in the northern section where they have a few citadels extending to the surface.

- The Eladrin, considering themselves apart from the Elves, live in their own splendid mountain citadels atop peaks in the central/southern reaches of the mountains.

- Goliaths and their tribal ways have an island unto themselves to the southwest.

- Dragon Born are rather rare in the cities and places of the world, people know little about where they come from…and fewer still have the gumption to try and convince them to talk about it. Common myth holds that they spring forth from the ground (or from eggs) “out there”…. “nearly full grown” etc. They command a certain level of awe…and fear from most of the rest of the world who equate them with dragons and the stories of old (and if they see one he/she will probably be the closest things they ever see to a real dragon).

- Tieflings are treated with varying degrees of distrust stemming from their demonic resemblance and are haunted by whispers of “dark dealings”. But they are tolerated.
(DM Note: I will still warn you against playing one, though not because they’re illegal for the game. If you really want to play one I would advise talking to me first)

Concerning Races

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