Background on Dragons

Dragons: (given that my campaigns tend to involve them, they get their own heading)

Dragons are really only known to be “large” but not bigger. They are known to be beasts, both vicious and terrible in nature…creatures to be avoided at all costs. Few are those that can claim to have escaped a dragon’s attack, and fewer still are the number who can truthfully claim to have slain one.

Nor are Dragons common place, except maybe in the “Dragon Born Mountains” at the Southern tip of the world, where they are occasionally spotted flying amongst the peaks. Common folklore easily tells you that this is why they’re referred to as the Dragon Born Mountains. Other people whisper and wonder if this might be where the Dragon Born congregate as “children of the Dragons”, or care givers, or SLAVES…….and perhaps that is why there are so few elsewhere in the world. Some Dragons have been known to venture forth to stake out lairs in the other mountains of the world.

Old tavern tales and fire side myths tell exaggerated tales of great battles involving dragons once waged across the land, of country sides ravaged by their ferocity, and the destruction wrought in their wake…when man was still young here. They describe them as huge beasts “_yar, it be bigger than your house_” and “_My pappy always said it could eat ya in your sleep without hav’n ta chew…would just swallow ya whole_”. They tell of the fear one would feel when a shadow passed over you as being that of a prelude to death, because of the way they would block out the sun with their size as they soared overhead.
“But worry not child…”

“…a scourge like that ain’t been seen since well be’for my granddaddy’s granddaddy’s life time."
“…they all perished in the Empirial War which shattered this world, and we’ve been left with naught but these small pests since.”
“…tis just a meant to scare ya, it’s all just Legend.”

Background on Dragons

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