Alight on the Wings Of Legend

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The End of What Was

We had finally chased our nemeses down, into an old structure of some sort in the rough center of the continent. Unfortunately, we were not in time. As we closed in on the structure early in the morning something went very wrong within. A tremendous series of explosions rocked the area. Before the darkness took me I remember seeing a giant skull unearthed at the bottom of the crater, last vestiges of flesh(?) dissolving off of it.

I woke up under the rubble in the basin of the crater with Laurelei, a dead Myrrh, and a giant column of elemental energy; surrounded by the unrecognizeable dead of our enemies. Shades and skeletons started rising from the ashes almost as soon as we did. Fortunately Myrrh rose from the dead (again!) on her own, and Davaro eventually stepped out of the column of elemental energy.

As the cavern floor fell away we barely made it out, up the vertical walls. We ended up lost in the woods for a while. Eventually found our way to the abandoned basecamp of the enemy and managed to scrounge a few supplies before being chased away by waves of wolves and undead.

The real concerns among the challenges of the day are twofold. First is that we all appear to be fighting less efficiently than we’ve been. Hopefully that will come back with time and rest. The bigger disturbance is that all of us have clearly been affected by the elemental energies we have been exposed to. Myrrh and Laurelei especially Laurelei clearly have a newfound affinity for fire. I’m not entirely certain what’s up with Davaro. As for me, maybe I’ve been affected by the fire as well, though to a less obvious effect… some of my abilities are melting… ice to water.

Heading home

We decided to head back to Belliksburg to regroup and try to figure out what the repercussions of the last couple of days are. From there perhaps we can figure out how to reverse or at least contain the troubles.

As we started to head west we found Jurian Edge. Apparently he had found out a young lady who had followed us all the way from Belliksburg. Her name is Rayella. She’s a little naive to our lifestyle, but she’s not a liability.

On our first night out we were attacked twice – once in the middle of the night and again in the early morning. Both times by unusually aggressive animals: rats, scorpions, and snakes. As a particularly large scorpion died a card with an image of a knight fell to the ground.

After the second animal fight a large number of elementals and undead became apparent heading for us from the east. We were able to outdistance a number of them, but eventually had to fight a few. One of the earth elementals left behind another card, this time with an image of the fates.

A third card, part 1

While looking for a place to camp for the evening we came across a small tiefling band skulking around a waterhole. We had to fight them for the camp site. The most interesting portion of the fight is that a freestanding magical effect issued from my pouch at the start of the fight. It appeared to alter chance in the favor of anyone standing within its area.

During the night a red streak fell from the sky into the waters of the oasis. In the morning the water was gone. Working under the assumption that the streak is another card we opted to head down to the bottom of the well. When we got to the bottom we found the well broke into what appears to be an old tiefling structure of some sort.

Some of the doors in the complex are warded. Attempting to open them with physical effort forced Edge across the room, but the touch of arcane power caused them to open freely.

Within the complex we found a room where two (presumeably minor) tiefling heroes were interred, Kelanir and Falera. Each was interred with a minor magical item (a dagger and a pair of gloves). They animated when we tried to take the items. They kept reanimating until Davaro put on the gloves and picked up the dagger.

A third card, part 2

While continuing to explore the area Faldor came down the well. Apparently he’d been sent by Rayella’s family when she originally came to follow us; sent to bring her back to her arranged marriage. He’s agreed to accompany her/us until we get back to Belliksburg, since that’s where we’re all intending to go next.

We found the resting place of two more tiefling heroes, Sashurel and Komarik. These were buried with a longsword and a pair of boots.

From reading the histories interred with the four heroes we were able to determine that they were buried with the wrong gear. The correct correlations are:
Kelanir: longsword
Falesa: boots
Sashurel: gloves
Komarik: dagger

Placing the items in the matching coffins caused the portcullis in the starting area to open.

Prelude to a Dragon

We pushed further yet into the caverns. We next discovered a skeleton formed of a conglomeration of bones from multiple creatures. Around its neck was a key which conveniently opened the next door.

Beyond the locked door the rooms were partially flooded; about a foot of water.

The next room offered two choices of direction, each blocked by a portcullis presumeably operated by a nearby lever:

  • one portcullis & lever were coated in poison; beyond them was a mist we could not perceive through, but that appeared to have magical healing and charm properties. We did not discover a method to move this lever, having tried both physical and magical (mage hand) means.
  • one portcullis & lever were strongly electrified. Moving it via mage hand was possible, and opened the portcullis.

Beyond the portcullis was a water-filled crevasse crossed by a rickety bridge. The area beyond the bridge was unnaturally dim. The far end of the dim area ended at a set of double doors. Flanking the doors was a carved mural depicting the five basic chromatic dragons. Opposite each dragon was a black gem. Exposing a gem to the element the opposite dragon is associated with turned the gem diamond. When all five gems were turned the doors opened and the water rushed in, carrying some of us along.

Discovering Tragar Mendar

The floodwaters carried us into a large tomb, to Orehana, an arcane advisor to Galeth Agrenthol, the last imperial lord of the Kal-cu-mesh (tiefling) empire.

There were six words carved around the sarcophagus where Orehana lay. I was only able to decipher three before the guardian awoke. Those words were ‘preserved’, ‘entombed’, and ‘sacrifice’.

I was told later that during/after the fight with the guardian, the great demon-dragon Tragar Mendor awoke/burst forth into this world and flew off.

Tiefling tribes

I recovered consciousness in a tiefling encampment. Mareka, their high priestess, performed the raise dead ritual for us in return for our four cards. As much as I’m glad to be back, I’m uncertain of the wisdom of that trade.

We also met Nuala, another tiefling tribeswoman.

We had dinner with Mareka while I recovered. She told us a few things about tiefling history.

  • she knows nothing of the elemental pillar
  • that Tragar Mendor corrupted the empire, and prolonged the dragonborn/tiefling war
  • that Orehana was the keeper of the Deck of Many Things
  • that the deck was capable of great power or great loss, but was essentially random; it’s user could be banished, killed,… or made more powerful than a king.
  • It is her interpretation of history that Orehana used the Void card in battling Tragar Mendor
  • her card (Comet) was lying on her bed after the elemental column appeared
Desert dragon

Left the tiefling encampment and headed north, intending to follow the mountain line to Belliksburg. After two days of walking we notice a small dot on the southern horizon; Davaro and Edge claim it’s a large winged creature, but the rest of us cannot tell.

Another day out we are attacked by a brown dragon. It took a bit out of most of us, but it was mostly curious and taste-testing us it appeared. It eventually left of its own volition. There was some conjecture that the tieflings put something in our gear to attract it.

After the dragon left, and we managed to evade some circling burrowing creatures, we made it to Belliksburg without significant further difficulty.

Arrival in Belliksburg

Next morning we headed to the university to attempt to get some answers. Met with professor Alexander Weylose, in the history department. He didn’t have much for answers, but was able to point us toward Therai or Joshua Felgrim as more likely sources. He did mention that several pages from one of his books regarding the history of the tiefling empire had been removed.

Did some research in the university library while waiting to be able to meet professor Felgrim. Learned that there don’t appear to be any scholarly treatises about the aftermath after the last tiefling/dragonborn battle, also learned our first information about The Generals, and found more books with missing pages – even some with whole sections that had somehow been rewritten (magically?). A young student was spying on our research, upon questioning he gave up that he was doing so at the behest of professor Stephen Heckelshen.

We had lunch with professors Weylose and Felgrim, then continued meeting with professor Felgrim. Learned that the ritual packing list we acquired is out of order/chaotic, and further appears to be written by two hands. The reagent preservation instructions are completely mistaken, possibly a form of sabotage. He agreed to start looking into the elemental portal.

We then caught up with professor Heckelshen, who claimed he had simply pointed the student in our direction as likely being involved in investigating interesting battles. I have my doubts of this explanation.

Finally, we sought out Gid, an archaeologist in residence at the university. We learned that the dome where the elemental pillar formed was over Ashurta’s tomb and resting place. Also that the tieflings destroyed their own cities before abandoning them at the end of the war. Gid has been working with adventurers to rediscover artifacts from the end of war era called the hearts of the elements, with some success.


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