Alight on the Wings Of Legend

The End of What Was

We had finally chased our nemeses down, into an old structure of some sort in the rough center of the continent. Unfortunately, we were not in time. As we closed in on the structure early in the morning something went very wrong within. A tremendous series of explosions rocked the area. Before the darkness took me I remember seeing a giant skull unearthed at the bottom of the crater, last vestiges of flesh(?) dissolving off of it.

I woke up under the rubble in the basin of the crater with Laurelei, a dead Myrrh, and a giant column of elemental energy; surrounded by the unrecognizeable dead of our enemies. Shades and skeletons started rising from the ashes almost as soon as we did. Fortunately Myrrh rose from the dead (again!) on her own, and Davaro eventually stepped out of the column of elemental energy.

As the cavern floor fell away we barely made it out, up the vertical walls. We ended up lost in the woods for a while. Eventually found our way to the abandoned basecamp of the enemy and managed to scrounge a few supplies before being chased away by waves of wolves and undead.

The real concerns among the challenges of the day are twofold. First is that we all appear to be fighting less efficiently than we’ve been. Hopefully that will come back with time and rest. The bigger disturbance is that all of us have clearly been affected by the elemental energies we have been exposed to. Myrrh and Laurelei especially Laurelei clearly have a newfound affinity for fire. I’m not entirely certain what’s up with Davaro. As for me, maybe I’ve been affected by the fire as well, though to a less obvious effect… some of my abilities are melting… ice to water.

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