Alight on the Wings Of Legend

Coming to Shacrenzal

We continue talking with Frang Ulthian for a while. We learn that he believes Selka Guari should never have left, nor should any of his people. Mention of Tragar Mendar greatly concerns him, and he sends Sentha (his dragaon) off with a message.

Frang spends the night at the basin with (near) us. In the morning Sentha returns, accompanied by Druden Oruk, a darcohen male, who is riding a huge copper dragon.

“The tablet has been broken”, the elemental portal is one predicted possible result thereof.

Druden invites us to accompany him further upstream. Large gem-colored dragon mounts are brought for us. This is the first time we meet our darcohen companions.

We fly east/northeast, following the river, and eventually land atop a relatively small mountain. The mountain is settled by dragonborn, to whom we are an intriguing sight.

Druden leads us into a (wooden) hall where we talk for a time, though only when no servants are around. Selka Guari joins the table after some time. Between the two of them we learn more history, mostly about Orehana.

Selka offers to take us in to their civilization. Druden disagrees with her offer, but is outranked by her. Selka leaves us with Druden, telling him to bring us to dinner the following night. After she departs Druden tells us he believes we’ve helped just by coming here.

The journey south

We leave Therai in Bentlenor and travel south. We leave the ship via ritual after several days travel, hoping to throw off any pursuit.

When we arrive at the Deltaren Gate we find there are an unusually large number of dragonborn in the area. Rumor has it that they are looking for something, led by Legatus Dython, who is recently arrived in town.

We pas through the gate and head most of a day east along the road before turning south into the marsh. We follow the Guari river into the mountains. After three days of travel we come to an impressive waterfall, some 300 feet tall.

While we’re around the basin, Frang Ulthian comes down from atop the waterfall to speak with us, riding a mercury dragon. When asked, he claims to know Selka Guari.

Finally off the ocean

A deep sea eviscerator surfaced out of the whirlpool as it collapsed. We narrowly manage to fight it off, and a day or so later finally arrive in Bentlenor.

We finally get a chance to talk with Therai. He fills us in on some tiefling history.

Through some divination (object reading) on the notes from the encampment near the elemental portal we learn some more information:

  • What did the note say originally? get a corrected set of line items, which included among other things enough supplies for a return trip.
  • Who altered the note? get an image of a cowled face, slightly elongated and pointed ears; effeminate face with an ornately gold-etched mask; piercing ice blue eyes
Continued nautical trials

Questioning the pirates garnered little information:

  • They claimed we were a target of opportunity
  • They had some involvement with the storm
  • Their home port is Pine Haunt, a nearby island
  • Their captain had the Balance card, which he’d found in a cache a few weeks earlier.

Afterward, the ship was attacked by Aquatics (sea orcs) multiple times over a short timeframe.

Finally, a day or two short of Bentlenor a giant whirlpool formed near us. While we were able to escape, we lost the pirate ship we’d taken as prize.

A stormy voyage

Second day out from Elduin the ship is ‘attacked’ by massed water spouts summoned and controlled by an unknown entity.

  • one individual controlling a large number of arcane strands affecting the area
  • a ‘gatekeeper’ of sorts maintaining the sprung trap
  • the controlling force knew there was something within the trap range; the storm dropped when the last individual (me) left its area

The captain told us his route is predictable within a mile or so. Positioning a trap for him wouldn’t be unreasonably challenging.

The night following the water spouts we were further attacked by pirates.

Stopover in Elduin

We travelled through the pass north from Belliksburg. Other than an orc ambush the travel was uneventful.

The priests at the temple to Avandra were able to raise Faldor. While waiting we stayed at the Darting Marauder, run by proprietor Captain Vance Tatarel.

We arrange for passage on the Golden Dart, to the Duchy of Bentlenor.

Leaving Belliksburg, part 2

We made our way out of the city with Therai. We ended up a little split up, but mostly got together outside the (southern) gate.

Rae’s contact betrayed us and attacked when we attempted to pay for the distractions. Faldor died in the scuffle and Rae nearly did as well. The well-in-range gate guards did nothing to influence the fight.

Leaving Belliksburg, part 1

We fled the underground complex, through a number of guards/residents. As we fled through the portal I sensed at least half a dozen exits.

Rae found us some tiefling distractions. We arranged to send them in various directions around the city while we grab Therai and flee the city.

Keeper stronghold, part 2

Laurelai was able to push one of the cubes out of place, dispelling the wall and granting us access to the rest of the complex. The complex is huge, the hallway we were in is almost imperceptibly curved. Rooms of note we discovered were:

  • cafeteria (occupied)
  • alchemy lab? (possibly occupied)
  • library (unoccupied); was missing the same section of history as the university library
  • alchemy lab (unoccupied); a strange contraption therein marked Davaro’s arm when he toyed with it.
  • another library? (possibly occupied)
  • an alchemy storage (unoccupied)
  • a large secret library, that appeared to have connections to four other libraries.

We ransacked the secret library for tomes of possible use quickly, as residents of the complex closed in and chased us out.

Keeper stronghold, part 1

We explored down sewer tunnels despite some concern that the Keepers-modern may no longer be using this route. We do find a secret door, and beyond that a short passage leading to a small room with semi-recent corpses, spectres, and animated arbalests guarding a portal.

After defeating the guardians we pushed through the portal, which required a certain amount of control (arcana) to force through. It felt like there may be multiple endpoints to the portal, rather than the usual point to point variety. The endpoint we arrived at led to an area of mostly barracks-style rooms, with some single rooms mixed in. Two gelatinous cubes roamed the halls, apparently under active arcane control (from a source we never discovered). The rooms were all empty but not abandoned. The area we were in was sealed off from the greater complex by walls of force which were anchored to rows of 4" cubes all around.


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