Alight on the Wings Of Legend

Exploring Shacrenzal

While most of the party takes their trials, I spend time researching in the library. Meals are taken together, and we also get remedial dragonborn/tiefling history lessons as a group, including some conjecture on unproven theories.

After a day or two, Selka Guari, Gwen-Alwey, and Myslen Yevak join us for a dinner. They’re reluctant or outright refuse talk of some subjects, e.g. the Keepers-archaic. They do suggest a private meeting after dinner.

For said private meeting we are escorted to the top of the mountain and into a massive stone building that is obviously a religious structure of some sort. Selka and Myslen are waiting for us beside a pool in the center of the building, wearing white robes with purple (Selka) or gold (Myslen) cords. Before really starting the conversation Selka has to rephrase questioning our purpose several times before I give an answer that satisfies her enough to continue. After which she shares drink with us from a chalice which she claims will make it impossible to deceive.

During the conversation Selka tells us a bit more about the Keepers-archaic, but is still oddly reluctant to discuss, and won’t let me write down what she says. She also partially reveals her parentage and tells us some about the darcohen.



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