Alight on the Wings Of Legend

Arriving in Shacrenzal

The next day, we are taken a few hours farther upriver, until we arrive at an upland lake with a large island in the middle. Upon the island is the city of Shacrenzal.

We land in the lower city, where we’re met by a sizeable number of dragonborn soldiers. A squad led by Centiri Kara Baharesh takes our weapons and implements from us before escorting us up the mountain/into the city. We’re led most of the way up, and into a large hall where we meet Selka Guari, Gwen-Alwey, and Myslen Yevak. Selka gets reprimanded for involving us, and gets into a debate with Gwen-Alwey.

Myslen believes we may have a place in a prophecy (see Main Page).

At breakfast with Selka Guari and Kara the next day we are informed there shall be trials to earn the right to carry weapons in Shacrenzal. I decline the trials, which confuses Selka.



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