Alight on the Wings Of Legend

Shacrenzal attacked, part 5

We manage to save the princess, from a beholder and two blood golems.

In the process we learn that the darcohen are the gem dragons. Selka Guari/the princess is the same person as the amethyst dragon we observed.

We learn that Gwen-Alwey eventually drove off Branc Valreik, taking a significant wound in the process.

Over the following days we are brought gifts as reward for our part in the battle. An image of Bahamut appears and thanks us for ‘saving his daughter’. The exact meaning of that message is unclear, as the most significant female we could be said to have saved is Selka Guari, and we believe we know her parentage (Myslen Yevak and ‘a huge golden dragon’)).

Shacrenzal attacked, part 4

We land at Druden’s crash site, and manage to recover him and Krayek, despite having little resource available that is capable of putting down the zombies that were swarming the site (fire or radiant damage required).

As we leave the landing area again, Whurn takes off chasing the arc of the falling amethyst dragon that had been covering us after Druden‘s crash, saying something about ’not letting the princess fall’. I give chase on him, and we end up finding the crash site is in/through the temple at the top of the mountain. The two of us drop down behind the temple guards and break into the temple, while the rest of the group fights its way up the road. We are able to duck into the temple shortly before the outside combat wraps up.

Shacrenzal attacked, part 3

We do more work to contain the spread of blight.

As the day ends and we head back to the city, a line of fireballs appears, charging the city. Behind them is a dark cloud, and behind that is our position. We buzz the cloud on our way into the city in order to call attention to it, as we were barely able to spot it. It turns out to be Branc Valreik.

Druden and his mount, Krayek take off from the city and manage to fend off Branc for a time, before being forced from the sky, both unconscious.

Meanwhile the fireball creatures slam into the city, doing damage, starting fires, and causing chaos.

Shacrenzal attacked, part 2

We continue to fight off the invaders. Most of the city is cleared, and we manage to stop the spread of blight in one area of the vale, though the invaders have brought blight to many more areas than we can get to.

Shacrenzal attacked, part 1

Dragons retrieve us from our test late in the day, carrying word that Shacrenzal is under attack. It is rumored that Branc Valreik has come to the city, but that is not certain. Constructs and undead have appeared all around the vale.

We land at the low point landing area and begin fighting our way up into the city. Dragonborn still hold many key points, but there is no ‘line’ in the standard sense. Most everything is contested.

Dinner & history

We return to the island for dinner, joined by Selka Guari. Though it’s a long walk for him, Whurn also returns for dinner.

Selka tells us some more tidbits of history as well as some more modern uncommon knowledge. She ends dinner by telling us we’ll be sent to fight a dragon construct as training.

Enemies in the Vale

Following the tracks, we catch up to a raiding party of ettins and trolls while they are in the process of attacking a pair of dragonborn homes.

During the ensuing fight we are joined by Whurn for the first time.


During a training flight over the vale to get us accustomed to riding dragons we come across a swath of felled trees. Landing to investigate, we discover troll and ettin tracks.

Exploring Shacrenzal

While most of the party takes their trials, I spend time researching in the library. Meals are taken together, and we also get remedial dragonborn/tiefling history lessons as a group, including some conjecture on unproven theories.

After a day or two, Selka Guari, Gwen-Alwey, and Myslen Yevak join us for a dinner. They’re reluctant or outright refuse talk of some subjects, e.g. the Keepers-archaic. They do suggest a private meeting after dinner.

For said private meeting we are escorted to the top of the mountain and into a massive stone building that is obviously a religious structure of some sort. Selka and Myslen are waiting for us beside a pool in the center of the building, wearing white robes with purple (Selka) or gold (Myslen) cords. Before really starting the conversation Selka has to rephrase questioning our purpose several times before I give an answer that satisfies her enough to continue. After which she shares drink with us from a chalice which she claims will make it impossible to deceive.

During the conversation Selka tells us a bit more about the Keepers-archaic, but is still oddly reluctant to discuss, and won’t let me write down what she says. She also partially reveals her parentage and tells us some about the darcohen.

Arriving in Shacrenzal

The next day, we are taken a few hours farther upriver, until we arrive at an upland lake with a large island in the middle. Upon the island is the city of Shacrenzal.

We land in the lower city, where we’re met by a sizeable number of dragonborn soldiers. A squad led by Centiri Kara Baharesh takes our weapons and implements from us before escorting us up the mountain/into the city. We’re led most of the way up, and into a large hall where we meet Selka Guari, Gwen-Alwey, and Myslen Yevak. Selka gets reprimanded for involving us, and gets into a debate with Gwen-Alwey.

Myslen believes we may have a place in a prophecy (see Main Page).

At breakfast with Selka Guari and Kara the next day we are informed there shall be trials to earn the right to carry weapons in Shacrenzal. I decline the trials, which confuses Selka.


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